Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Kiera and I am a 26 year old animal enthusiast and dog groomer living in Ireland. I have a passion for all things animals and have spent the last two years studying in animal care. I am a newcomer in the world of dog grooming and I hope to continue to learn and improve my skills as time goes on.

I want to use this little space to document my own journey as well as provide basic information in relation to dog grooming and the various aspects of pet care and health. I do not claim to be a professional dog groomer, or know it all just yet as I am only starting out, however, I do have a passion for animals, especially dogs, and I would like to share any advice or tips that I can with other dog lovers.

As well as all that, the other inspiration behind this blog  is a 9 year old Golden Labrador named Amber. She is an avid toy collector and she loves to have a bit of company. She enjoys a good shoulder massage and will sunbathe whereever, whenever. I think she might just be the best dog in the world…..albeit some questionable eating habits!

I hope that you enjoy this space and feel free to visit again soon.